How a dietitian would improve Gwyneth Paltrow's diet

TikTok Screen shot of Kim_Nutrition talking about Gwyneth Paltrows diet

We all know Gwyneth Paltrow makes some interesting choices in the name of wellness. But her recent appearance on The Art of Being Well with Will Cole led to some concerning revelations around what she eats. 

The 41 second clip being widely shared on TikTok (view below), and the longer podcast episode exposes how diet culture has influenced her eating patterns with intermittent fasting, bone broth, and paleo all being used to “support” her “detox”.  This is not enough food for anyone and has signs of disordered eating all over it. Let’s see how we can make this eating plan more nutritious.

A quick note – Will Cole is a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner. To be a functional medicine practitioner you complete a one year course at a private institute. He is not a medical doctor nor is he a nutrition expert despite claiming to have completed “extensive training in clinical nutrition”. Dietitians have completed at least 4 years of university level nutrition science and internships – we are the experts in clinical nutrition. 


@kim_nutrition #duet with @dearmedia #gwynethpaltrow So much diet culture in this ‘wellness routine’. I worry about how many people will follow this. Please remember to eat regulalry over the day and enjoy all foods as part of a balanced diet xx #dietculture #wellness #dietitian ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Coffee is not a substitute for food

Gwyneth skips breakfast, opting for a coffee to tide her over until lunch.

Coffee is not a meal. I know it is tempting to blunt our appetite with low calorie fluids but this is not healthy nor sustainable. Our body and brain need carbohydrates, fats, and protein to give us the energy and nutrients to feel and perform our best. 

Have your morning coffee but please add in some food. 

For example, a bowl of porridge topped with nuts and seeds, peanut butter toast topped with banana and cinnamon or yoghurt and fruit for when you’re on the go. 

Cup of coffee
There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee. But it is not a meal. Add some porridge, toast or fruit for a quick and easy start to the day.

Under fueling her workouts

Paltrow reports doing an hour of exercise a day such as pilates, walking or a Tracey Anderson workout. These workouts range from low to high intensity but they all lack one thing – proper fuel. 

Our body’s favourite fuel is glucose.  Glucose is stored in our body as glycogen in our liver and muscles. Glycogen stores are replenished by eating carbohydrates like bread, fruit, dairy, potatoes, rice, corn, the list goes on!

If we do not adequately nourish ourselves for exercise, our body will make glucose fuel by breaking down fat and muscle. Why would you want to lose that hard earned and important muscle mass just to avoid eating?!

Let’s add in a snack 30-45 minutes before a workout so we are properly fuelled and are not breaking down our muscle. Try a piece of honey toast, a banana, a small smoothie or cheese and crackers.

All foods can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Dieting - intermittent fasting, paleo, detox

Paltrow loves a diet. She does intermittent fasting, paleo, detoxes and more. But diets do not work. All diets involve restricting food and nutrients, mostly with a goal of losing weight. 

We know that diets work in the short term, but within 3 years most people gain all the weight back, and some. This can lead to life long dieting and weight fluctuations which can increase our risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Also, dieting encourages a poor relationship with food which can lead to eating disorders and poor body image. 

Unfortunately the diet industry knows our society is obsessed with being thin. Through promoting diets and weight loss behaviours packaged as “wellness” wellness influences like Will Cole and Gwyneth Paltrow are making money from empty promises that will leave us more sick than “well”. 

I do not know Gwyneth’s medical history nor her relationship with food. But from what she is saying, she appears deep in the world of diet culture and restrictive eating practices. 

Don't get diet advice from Gwyneth Paltrow

This interview promotes dangerous and unhealthy nutrition habits. 

All food can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced and healthy diet. And while the nutrients food provides in important, food is so much more than fuel

Avoid getting your nutrition advice from celebrities, wellness influences, functional medicine practitioners and other wellness grifters. Seek out advice from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (such as myself) for helpful and evidence-based nutrition advice.  


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