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Eating during the holidays can be stressful.

How to escape the silly season diet cycle

The silly season is here! While this time of year calls for celebration, it can also be stress inducing and lead to feelings and guilt and shame for indulging in food. This can start the silly season diet cycle.

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5 tips for meal planning from a dietitian

5 tips for meal planning

Planning your meals for the week can feel overwhelming when you are trying to put together nutritionally balanced meals. Keep reading for 5 dietitian tips that will simplify meal planning.

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What is my healthy weight?

Whether you are recovering from an eating disorder or considering your health, many people want to know what their healthy weight is. Unfortunately, common tools like the BMI teach us that everyone should fall into a narrow weight range to be considered healthy. I invite you to consider another approach called your set-point weight.

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The BMI is an unreliable tool for measuring health

Why the BMI needs to go

The BMI has been used for decades as a simple tool to assess a person’s health risk. However, this simple tool has some major problems. Let’s explore where the BMI came from and why it needs to go.

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Unexplained tiredness is a common symptom of iron deficiency

Managing low iron for women

Feeling tired or struggling to concentrate? It could be the mid-year slump or it may be an iron deficiency.

Low iron affects 1 in 10 pre-menopausal women in Australia and is a topic I talk to my clients about frequently. So why is low iron so common among women and what can you do about it?

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Meal plans can be used as a way to lose weight

Do I need to lose weight to be healthy?

When you think of ways you can improve your health what comes to mind? For many people, the answer is weight loss. But what if I told you that weight loss is not the guaranteed ticket to health we have been promised?

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What is the non-diet approach?

The aim of the non-diet approach is to foster a healthy relationship with food without seeking to lose weight or change your body composition. It allows us to recognise and respect our body’s natural hunger and fullness signals without the restrictive rules of dieting.

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Kimchi is a fermented food that does contain live cultures when bought fresh.

Do fermented foods contain probiotics?

Fermented foods have been growing in popularity for years largely due to their perceived health benefits. But did you know fermented foods don’t contain probiotics. Find out why and how to choose the right fermented foods here.

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